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portrait of Marloes

marloes de vrieshanke arkenbout marloes de vriesmarloes de vriesmarloes de vriesmarloes de vrieshanke arkenbout marloes de vrieshanke arkenbout marloes de vries


Marloes de Vries is this girl I really adore, her work is amazing to say the least! We have known each other for a while via internet (facebook, instagram) and I knew she lived on the other side of The Netherlands (Drenthe). Then one day I was walking in my chillpants in the supermarket and I literally bumped into Marloes who said “hey, you are Hanke right?”. Turned out she moved to Rotterdam and now lived very close to me! A few days later we met again and talked about our businesses and personal stuff. We became friends. She made my pretty ‘we’re-living-together’-card and now I finally could do something back: a portrait session! We walked around in our neighbourhood during golden hour (aw yes!) and we talked and talked and talked and oh yeah we made a lot of pictures. Below are some of my favorites. Thank you for this great afternoon Marloes!


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