400+ pages pdf workshop guide to
photography & shooting film

Wanna know how I learned all about shooting film? It’s not a secret. It took me 4 years of loads and loads of money and time to get where I am now. I WISH this film guide (called Film Is Not Dead in a box) by Jonathan Canlas existed when I started out shooting film. If you are a complete beginner on the edge of shooting film or you know the basics but want to dig deeper, this is for you. Aside from over 400 pdf pages of info about film stocks, exposure, posing, directing, cameras and light there are videos to be seen where you can see Jon shooting families and weddings. There are videos of him culling, editing and blogging. This workshop makes me look at my work and my website with fresh eyes over and over again. I still read bits of it weekly. It’s my go-to guide when in need of inspiration, when I want to refresh my memory about exposing film, have a solid plan for shooting a family, etc. I just put the pdf files on my ipad and read it wherever I want. This guide is also the main reason I am now shooting confident in low light situations as well.

This guide is not cheap but I guarantee you it will be everything you need from here to make you a better photographer aka raise your prices and earn that huuuuge pdf workshop back in no time!

This is an investment in YOU. Are you ready to have your mind implode, to start shooting film?

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Family guide

Are you starting with family photography or you feel like you could use a fresh wind into your approach to make this even easier for you and make familyshoots a walk in the parc? Than this is for you!

You know, I could try and write my own familyguide but I could never ever top the one I bought from Jonathan Canlas. So I am going to be straight up honest, I learned shooting families by practise AND by the ‘Ohana means family’ guide from Jon. It’s almost 200 pages pdf file packed with soooo much info! It covers all the basics from posing, location, directing to handling nightmare sessions, culling, finances and much more. For small families to the super super big ones too! I read this guide over and over and keep learning new things. It’s the best investment in yourself if you want to nail familysessions from now on.

All these words are my own and this is 100% not a promotional page.
Although Jon is kind enough to send a few euros my way every time one of you buys a guide through me.
The money I earn with this is used for buying film for personal projects.