SUMMER 2019 - I have been shooting 35mm like crazy the last few weeks and these still need to be developed, so I thought let's make another 'spaces between moments' blogpost of the start of the year and the last months before everything piles up. In winter 2018 & spring 2019 I haven't been shooting a lot of personal work. I don't know why. I found out I was pregnant again (after 3 years of trying and a miscarriage in october 2018) in December '18 and maybe I just wanted to keep things all to myself and lock myself indoors until it felt safe again to step out? I don't know. Slowly I picked it up again, to document this long awaited pregnancy, our little babymoon to Malta and the cats of course. But I miss most of my friends in these photos, because we had so many small adventures with them and just wish I took a 35mm shot of it instead of a photo on my phone that will get lost whenever the phone breaks down. So, I have been bringing the small camera along with me again. Not to force any photos but to have the opportunity