Limonade Boek

You guys, I wish I could share every single photo I took for this book. Wait…BOOK?! Yes my friends my dream came true: doing all photography for a cookbook! All on film obviously. I am super honored I got asked by SNOR and Holy Kauw for this book all about Lemonades. We had so much fun creating this -on the darkest, shortest days of the year in January mind you! – in the kitchen of Arno and Mireille (you can see this lovely couple at the bottom of this blogpost) together with stylist Judith Flemm. I am so super proud of what we made together. Anyway, enough talk. I want to show you some of my favorites and if this makes you thirsty be sure to buy a printed copy yourself:




Have you got the book? Let me know what you think! Also…there will be a brand new book out coming September, this time it’s all about Sunday cooking. Can’t wait to show you more!