On a warm summer afternoon Floor welcomed me in her beautiful green vegetable garden. As I was just making my first steps into growing my own vegetables (since we moved and I now finally had a garden!) this was so much fun to learn from Floor and photograph her. I think there should be classes in school teaching our children how to grow and harvest vegetables because even though a vegetable garden like this is a lot of work and can be very hard there are some vegetables that are fairly easy to grow. Did you know that during World War II you had so had 'Victory Gardens' where people grew their own food to provide for themselves, their family and to not use all the food that was supposed to go to the troops? It's a very interesting read. Anyway, back to Floor and her garden! Follow her Dutch blog Floor's Moestuin if you are looking for any tips & tricks for your vegetable garden.    

Three years ago I documented Jeroen and Mara and their then newborn son Eli. Now, years later, Eli has a little brother Luc and Jeroen and Mara moved to a bigger place. I feel super honored when clients ask me again to photograph their family!   Curious to see how I would document you and your family? Head over here for all the details and book me via the contactform or dearhanke@gmail.com. I can’t wait! Are you a photographer willing to learn more about shooting families? Be sure to check out this page!

If this blogpost feels like a perfect mix-match of several days it's because it is! Bram and Lyan invited me over into their Copenhagen appartment for a weekend to eat and drink with them and show me around in Copenhagen (where I had never been before). They truly are some of the most kind & warm people I have ever met. Of course I had to shoot lots of engagement photos while I was there. What an amazing bike friendly city (extra kudos for that!) with so much amazing vegetarian food as well! I love the places my clients take me, thank you so much guys, can't wait for your big day :).